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Homecoming – GI Zombies

While we’re on the subject of film it seems a good time to mention Joe Dante’s Homecoming, a made-for-tv zombie movie that draws parallels with Bush’s government and foreign policy. Remember Joe Dante? He’s the director who served up such gems as Piranha and Gremlins. So you wouldn’t expect anything special, would you? But think again. Homecoming kicks off when the flag-draped coffins of soldiers killed in Iraq burst open and the walking corpses of dead veterans hit the streets, searching for polling places where they can get rid of the Republicans and replace them with “anyone who will end this evil war.”

Homecoming At first the zombie soldiers are regarded as returning heroes, but when it becomes apparent that they aren’t on the side of the ruling administration they are branded as traitors, rounded up, dressed in orange boiler-suits and detained in Guantanamo-type concentration camps.

It’s good to note that individual imagination, wit and panache have survived the current crop of political swindlers and con-merchants.

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