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Headline to Publish New Novel Online

According to an article in Times Online, the Headline Publishing Group will release a debut novel online and free of charge.

The novel, Contract by Simon Spurrier, will appear on the website itsallaboutthemoney in six installments, starting on the 24th May.

Piers Blofeld, of Headline, said:

“I think people will be excited to have the opportunity to become involved in helping a young writer’s career right from the start. It’s all about getting rid of the ivory tower and bringing writers and readers closer together.”

Readers who can’t wait to read the whole thing will be able to buy it from the website.

5 Responses to “Headline to Publish New Novel Online”

  1. The paradox of a thrilling yet puzzling experience as I see, it John.

    jb says: Something to watch, though, Susan.

  2. Interesting readership they’re envisioning, with a blog with tips on how to dispose of dead bodies.

  3. Great review there. I really need to check out the book. Funny I haven’t come across it before. Thanks again for the article. Cheers

  4. disfunzione erettile says:

    It is great. I need to look for the book too.

  5. CNA says:

    Supporting young writers… Now I digg that. Thats a long difficult road. How much is the book selling for??