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Harold’s Planet

This is a link. It hooks you up to Harold’s Planet, where you can find more goodies like this one. You can subscribe to the website and have a daily cartoon sent to your inbox.

Pilates for People Who Love Wine

Pilates for People Who Love Wine

If you need more of a taster after this, go here for one of their more popular cartoons: Capitalism is Dead.

7 Responses to “Harold’s Planet”

  1. joe says:

    This is a funny picture. I just checked out this site and it’s hilarious.

  2. Garret McCard says:

    Hahaha this is one pilates lesson I would love taking and would surely practice for life. I love all the moves in the second row, as there is a bottle of wine, you have to practice with.

  3. Grant says:

    Very cheeky.
    Reminds me of this classic shot –

  4. Bob Homes says:

    Haha, great comic. Kudos to Harold’s Planet for this one.

  5. peninah says:

    This is extraordinary,,i mean you work out while having fun haha!

  6. Dan says:

    Ha! I stumbled on this site while searching for “Pilates wine” as a joke, my friend thought that would help loosen us up before a session. Hilarious.


  7. Gary Edwards says:

    I love this satirical cartoon, that is excellent!