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Grumpy Old Bookman reviews Poet in the Gutter

The clue is in the title. There is a new review of Poet in the Gutter, the first Sam Turner novel, on The Grumpy Old Bookman‘s Site.

I’m not sure now how and why I came to be reading John Baker’s Poet in the Gutter. But I expect it was because someone had recommended John’s Sam Turner private-eye novels, and I decided to start with the first one in the series: of which there are six so far, Poet in the Gutter having come out in 1995.

One Response to “Grumpy Old Bookman reviews Poet in the Gutter”

  1. Maxine says:

    A very nice review, I thought, too.

    jb says: Yes, Maxine, I should have mentioned that myself. But something in there took me back to the time I was writing the novel and reminded me about the (at that time new to me) decisions one has to make about the development of character, plot, etc. about the false starts and the processes by which one comes to a final working-out of the shape of a novel and decides to push it out into the world to fight its own battles, to sink or swim.