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Great Firewall of China

You can use this site to check if your blog or website is available in China. I don’t know why you would want to do that, but maybe you do.

5 Responses to “Great Firewall of China”

  1. Jerry Prager says:

    Maybe it’s a site created by the Chinese to check sites and it saves them time by having people send them URL’s to check, sites the owners think are worthy of being blocked by the Chinese.
    Maybe it gives new meaning to writers’ block.

  2. Or bloggers block. My blog is blocked – I’m wondering if it’s because it has the word “Zen” in it. Or maybe the Blogger server was a bit slow?

    jb says: Zen is a terrifying word, Ann, they know it’ll still be around a long time after the Chinese state machine has withered away.

  3. Clare Grant says:

    I like to keep track of this sort of thing because the philosophy behind my blog (a list of three things I liked about yesterday) was picked up by some Chinese language bloggers.

    I got such a buzz the first time I received an email from someone saying they were doing their own Three Beautiful Things in Chinese. It means that people who don’t speak English can be exposed to the idea, which I found tremendously exciting. And I got a huge confidence boost from the fact that someone who wasn’t part of my culture and who wasn’t a native English speaker had thought my words worth reading and my idea worth sharing.

    Having said that, I don’t know what I’d do if the Chinese government blocked me… I think there are ways round it if you do your homework.

    I’m enjoying your blog, and greedily consuming your writing tips.

    jb says: Hi Clare. Yesterday I went without a jacket for the first time this year. I finished editing a MS that had been more stubborn than usual. A thrush came to see me early in the evening and we shared a bit of supper together.

  4. Paul says:

    Ann – I love the idea that a word, “Zen” can frighten the powerful – One of three things that I will store for liking about yesterday, tomorrow.

    Clare – Thanks for the idea about 3 things I liked. My son is on a rare visit from a University placement up north. He is like human Feng Shui, restoring balance to our home. Yesterday, I sat in the sun and read a book, and felt no guilt at not doing other doings. I miss John Thaw appearing in new things on TV, particularly “Morse” but last night I enjoyed Martin Shaw playing George Gently.

    jb says: Yes, reminded me of Morse, too. probably because of the format.

  5. Fred Charles says:

    My blog is available, although, I’m not sure how many chinese people are reading it. I adopted my daughter from china, so I was curious. At least I know that when I go back there, I will be able to update my blog.

    jb says: I didn’t think about that, Fred. That you could be travelling in a country where it wasn’t possible to access your own material.