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Going Awry

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men
Gang aft agley

The Winged with Death Virtual Tour has had a few hiccups already.

I’ve heard nothing from Chris High, who had agreed to host the tour on the 4th April. The man seems to have vanished from the face of the earth without a word. Doesn’t answer emails or telephone calls. Disappeared. Frightening. But it could happen to anyone I suppose.

Donigan Merritt, who was due to host the tour in Buenos Aires on the 14th April didn’t receive his copy of Winged with Death until today “in a battered package, but the book itself was in fine condition.” We haven’t agreed a new date yet, but Don will be playing host in a couple of weeks time after the Buenos Aires International Book Fair. Watch this space.

CrimeFicReader‘s computer died on her yesterday, rendering today’s (Thursday) date for her hosting of the tour impossible. She is now immersed in the loading of software and the mysteries of setup, but we have rescheduled the visit to her for the 29th April.

Next stop on the tour will be in Scotland with Rachel Fox; that’s on Monday, 20th April.

(and you can read Margaret Murphy’s review of Winged with Death over at the Crime Time site)

One Response to “Going Awry”

  1. I am now back online with a new PC. Still having to get used to new things like Windows Vista, keyboard layout & Norton settings; still to migrate key data like address book etc., but we’re OK for 29/4!
    Very odd news about Chris. I hope he’s OK.

    jb says: Good to hear you’re up-and-running again. Eeeek. Windows Vista. No please.