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7 Responses to “Funny”

  1. Jim Murdoch says:

    Q: How many Surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: Fish

    I seem to recall this won some competition for the most esoteric joke in existence. Anyway, it’s always amused me. Love the cartoon by the way.

    jb says: It’s good to laugh, Jim.

  2. becca says:

    ha! surrealist plumber, ay? I don’t suppose he ever did anyone any good.

    jb says: Hi Becca. An anti-plumber; it’s something to be.

  3. Tim says:

    That was quiet in enjoyable. Nothing like the surreal

  4. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the laugh 😀

  5. Cathy @ 3 at 1 Copying says:

    I have just come across this site and really loved having a good laugh there is nothing better to lift ones spirit, after a long week at the office this is just what is need.

    Thanks for the smiles.

  6. Matthew says:

    Surrealists jokes seem to be the funniest of them all. Very very nice joke. I liked Jim’s too! That was the first comment.

  7. Penny Calendars says:

    I have just come across this site and it has great content, information and is interesting.

    Your site is really fun, and something completely different to any thing that I have come across before, look forward to paging through.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the laugh, I really needed that today:)