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Flanders & Swann

Saturday, we were at the Sheriff Hutton Village Hall to see Amanda Crawley, soprano; Nicholas Nightingale, baritone; and pianist Kate Pearson performing songs by Flanders and Swan. Flanders & Swann were a couple of British musicians and performers who wrote and sang humorous songs during the 1950s and 60s. Gentle, witty and often satirical humour was their stock in trade.

She was young! She was pure! She was new! She was nice!
She was fair! She was sweet seventeen!
He was old! He was vile and no stranger to vice!
He was base! He was bad! He was mean!
He had slyly inveigled her up to his flat
To view his collection of stamps,
And he said as he hastened to put out the cat,
The wine, his cigar and the lamps:

‘Have some Madeira, m’dear!
You really have nothing to fear . . .

A great evening, the hall packed to capacity. Everything was deliciously and unashamedly retro.


One Response to “Flanders & Swann”

  1. susangalique says:

    That sounds like a really great time.

    jb says: Hi Susangalique. This is the kind of show you could use at the moment.