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Five things Feminism has done for me

Crimeficreader has done tagged me again. My first impulse was to run, and I did, round and round and ended up in the same position, but panting. I’m not going to tag anyone else.

Thanks for a continuing parade of new things to read, and especially for Charlote Perkins Gilman and The Yellow Wall-Paper.

Thanks for improving my quality of life and stripping away some of the veils that forced me to look at our existence with archaic perceptions. And for challenging long established conceptions of gender, sex rolls, etc.

For improving my sense of self and fostering the certainty that the things you don’t like about life can be changed.

For encouraging me to live with an equal partner instead of the infantalized construct I was brought up to expect.

For giving my daughters the knowledge that it is possible to do anything regardless of gender and for allowing them to be treated on an equal footing in law. For granting them the right to vote. For allowing them to own their own money, house, furniture, etc.

For widening the spectrum of women’s work from teacher, housewife, nun, nurse, whore, skivvy and cook, to almost anything.

For changing the culture in which we live.

For allowing us to dream.

Is that five?

9 Responses to “Five things Feminism has done for me”

  1. thenarrator says:

    It has done so much for me…

    Without feminism and feminist theory would we really understand post-colonial and colonial theory? (which, I suppose, define much of my thought and writing)
    Disability theory? Disability studies?
    The true sense that all argument is really a battle of narratives?
    The understanding that the receiver of stories, of learning, of culture matters as much as the sender’s intent?
    Or a sense of how flexible “knowledge” is?

    Is that 5? It does not matter. Feminism has taught me that.

    jb says: Great stuff. Thanks for the comment. Feminism has been the single most important movement during my lifetime. You are quite right, the positive spin-offs are incalculable.

  2. Thanks for answering John. You see, I said you’d be interesting!
    (“Sex rolls” eh?)

    jb says: OK, but don’t send me no more memes. I’ve done enough now. I want my freedom back.

  3. patry says:

    Great responses.

    jbs says: thanks, Patry. Good to see you here.

  4. Dear John,
    That was a double negative I think, but I shall not come knocking at your blog door with further memes in the medium term, I promise.
    Thanks for picking up on both, however; your replies were enlightening and greatly appreciated by more than me, I’m sure.
    And now that the “five quesions” series has ended, I’m looking forward to what you have to say next. Thanks for including me in the series!

    jb says: Double-negative, yeah, but intentionally so, which makes it OK. It’s good that you enjoyed the series, and it was good to have you aboard.

  5. ninglun says:

    That statement is neat, concise, and really helpful in my work. Thanks, John.

    jb says: That’s great to hear, Ninglun. It’s not every day that I’m of practical use in the world.

  6. keyanna says:

    this was amazing

  7. Rachel Fox says:

    I came across this old one from your random bit…excellent post. I wish that bit about an equal partner had got through to more of the population…but good to read it here anyway.
    from the happy housewife

    jb says: The happy housewife and poet, init? I’m groping my way towards your book, Rachel. Gonna read it in Norway. Things read differently there.

  8. Staysure says:

    Lovely post. Sadly it applies to a very, very small percentage of the world’s female population. The vast majority would read that and it would sound completely alien, they may not even understand the concepts involved.

    I think this kind of writing would cause real shake ups around the world if it was available… Sadly, we are far from that too.

  9. Amelia says:

    Lovely post, thank you. I think people often forget (or ignore) the things that feminism has done for them. Feminism is often slammed (as are feminists) yet nobody in the same breath acknowledges that feminists are the reason why women are allowed to vote, and why we have legislation for equal pay, and against sexual harassment etc.

    jb says: Thanks, Amelia. And good of you to drop by. Yes, it’s important to say how it is, lest we forget.