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Reflections of a working writer and reader



Five Questions: View From The Pundy House

1 Why do you blog?
Originally to publicise my novel A Half Life Of One. Six months on it’s much more complex. I guess I’ve become part of a loose association of unpublished fellow writers, a sort of self-help club. But it’s more than that too. Blogging is a chance to float ideas, exchange experiences and have fun. In writing terms it’s like going to the gym every day for a workout before the big race.

2 Which author and/or book has most influenced you?
If I have to stick to one it’s no contest. The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald. If I had to choose three, the answer would still be the same.

3 Which three blogs do you most visit?
Way out in front is the Grumpy Old Bookman at No one else comes close for depth of research, originalty, erudition, sagacity and wit. The amount of work that guy must put into his blog is amazing, and it shows.
Where mere mortals are concerned I’ll go wherever I might learn something new. Johnbakersblog recently because you’ve started giving out regular writerly advice that is actually useful.
Finally, I’ll probably visit one of those bloggers that comes to visit me to see what they’re up to that day.

4 Why do you read fiction?
Because it’s the only place I can find the truth.

5 What makes you laugh?
When some of my “funny” blog entries seem to be working as I write them. Then I usually have an anxious – but delicious – few hours wait to see if anyone else finds them funny after I’ve posted them.

I’ve just read my answers. It all sounds a bit incestuous and circumscribed but the reality is that during the day I’ll visit many blogs and websites that hopefully will give me a wider window onto the world.

Bill Liversidge blogs at View From The Pundy House, which can be found here:

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