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Five Questions: Nightlights

I’m going away for a few weeks, mainly in and around Scandinavia, and won’t have ready access to a computer. Under normal circumstances this blog would have gone dark for that time, but I have a state-of-the-art mobile which I can use for blogging, though only (with my limited knowledge of technology) in a rudimentary manner.

This will allow me to publish almost daily bulletins, consisting in the main part of the answers to five questions I have been asking of a selection of litbloggers. These will be interspersed from time to time with regular postings, but only when I have access to a computer keyboard.

The litbloggers involved in this project have had few restrictions placed upon them. Some have used only a few words to express their opinions on books and writers and the art of blogging, humour, etc. Others have waxed copiously.

They will be posted in no particular order, and the first one begins tomorrow.

9 Responses to “Five Questions: Nightlights”

  1. Pearl says:

    Have a good trip. Glad you’re leaving the lights on. 🙂

  2. kimbofo says:

    Enjoy the trip. I love, love, love Scandinavia. One of the best trips I ever had was to Skagen, on the northern-most tip of Denmark. It was a really magical place, with beautiful light and gorgeous scenery.

  3. Maxine says:

    Oh s***, I presume I’m the one who “waxed copiously” as is my wont. Blushing in advance.

    Have a great time, John, sounds great. If your trip includes Iceland (is that part of Scandinavia?), call in at Another 52 Books.

  4. Danielle says:

    Have a great trip. This reminds me–I broke down and ordered the book of letters that Mary Wollstonecraft wrote when she was in Sweden, Norway and Denmark!

  5. Amy says:

    Hi – This is my first visit to your site – hope you have a lovely trip –

  6. Anna says:

    Don’t worry, Maxine, I waxed copious as well.
    Bon voyage, John. Steer clear of blondes and midges.

  7. There’s serious competition here for the “waxed copiously” category, Maxine and Anna! I restrained myself, as best I could, and John caught me “on the hop” that busy day…

    Have a good trip John. Your use of technology, when it comes to blogs, leaves me standing. No, strike that, it leaves me prostrate.

  8. John Baker says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. I shall have a good time and also do my best to avoid, at least, the midges. I’m sure the blondes can look after themselves.
    I won’t make Iceland, but I’ll be in Norway, Sweden and Finland.
    Hey, waxing copiously is ‘good’ in my book. At least in the way we’re discussing it here.
    And Amy, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you again, maybe when I’m not so ‘rushed’.

  9. […] My friend John Baker has begun a great feature on his blog: asking five simple questions of “litbloggers.” I’m slightly terrified at the thought of being included among writers far greater than I but I’m also tremendously flattered to have been asked to participate. You can bet I’ll be posting a link when my interview appears. But til then, enjoy John’s blog. […]