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Five Questions: John Barlow

1. Why do you blog?
Writing a short, neat entry is a bit like doing the quick crossword; meaningless but enjoyable.

2. Which author and/or book has most influenced you?
Giovanni Guareschi’s Don Camillo stories, because they are perfectly human.

3. Which three blogs do you most visit?
Grumpy Old Bookman, because I became habituated to his opinions (though not converted).
No others; I keep away as much as I can these days, to conserve time.

4. Why do you read fiction?
I have no idea. I think the value of a ‘good book’ was drummed into me when young, and I associate reading with being good. Of course, I also prefer fictive worlds to the real one.

5. What makes you laugh?
Laurel and Hardy; Jacques Tati; Monty Python; Tommy Cooper

My brevity is child-induced. Apologies.

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One Response to “Five Questions: John Barlow”

  1. Anna says:

    Witty, short, fun. Well done those children.

    Joss Ackland does a good “God” in the radio version of Don Camillo, don’t you think?