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Epitaph – Blogging from the Grave

  • There’s fuck-all you can do about this.

I’m indebted to Pete Latarche for this, his chosen epitaph, though I hasten to add that rumours of the man’s death are greatly exaggerated.
This one, on the gravestone of Bonnie Parker, the bank robber and partner of Clyde Barrow, demonstrates how to use irony:

  • As the flowers are all made sweeter by
    the sunshine and the dew, so this old
    world is made brighter by the lives
    of folks like you.

And one of the London cemeteries sports this little gem:

  • Gone away
    Owin’ more
    Than he could pay.

Are there any other offers out there? What shall we carve on your tombstone?
The winning entry will be rewarded in heaven.

2 Responses to “Epitaph – Blogging from the Grave”

  1. Dear God, Bernita, d. 2106??? Just THINK of the agony of arthritis!!! That’s a long, long time to have swollen joints!

    Unless, of course, they figure out how to stop the stuff…

    I think I’ll aim for 105, and just have a good time all the way around. Then I’ll have’em carve my stone with the words, “He laughed.” Nuff said.

  2. On mine I’m going to put:

    “See you later”