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Double-take event

Playwright Mike Kenny and myself had a public conversation last night in the York Central Library. This was one of the events of the York Literature Festival.John Baker & Mike Kenny

We spoke about the differing ways that one creates character for the novel and for the stage. Although there are many similarities there are also significant differences, mainly drawn from the fact that character on the stage is presented in human form by an actor, while in the novel it is a mere construction of words.

As a result of this event and the many conversations we have had recently, Mike and I have decided to team up to repeat the event (more or less) in other locations, libraries and literary ferstivals.

Might be coming your way soon. You can run, but you sure can’t hide.

One Response to “Double-take event”

  1. Very true. I would never trust a human to play me on the stage. A chimpanzee might just pull it off, but I’d rather play myself.

    jb says: I knew I shouldn’t have published the photograph.