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Creating a Text – Julia Buckley

What phases are involved in the creation of a text?

I’m not even sure we can say a story begins with one initial idea. There’ll probably be some kind of inspiration that triggers you to start writing each particular piece, but the idea will have been brewing for a long time – long before you even thought about making it into a story or article. There’s no mystical recipe. Really, writing is just storytelling. And storytelling is just communication. So, if it’s phases you want . . . Very simply: Phase 1 is learning to talk. Phase 2 is learning to write. And Phase 3 is writing.

Julia Buckley is a freelance journalist and writer; she blogs at JuliaBuckley.

One Response to “Creating a Text – Julia Buckley”

  1. Ole Blue says:

    Triggers sometimes work but also just sitting in front of a blank page with out any sounds brings the minds imagination in to play