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Reflections of a working writer and reader




I’ve been tucked away in a corner of Norway’s tiny Kure Fjord for the last few weeks, but today I’m in the relative civilization of Oslo and taking a quick opportunity to catch up with my blog. Took around two hours to go through the accumulated comments. I didn’t reply to many of the comments or I’d have had to stay here for another day or so. Sorry if you expected a reply to yours, normal service will be resumed . . . eventually.
Also, there were many comments which were rude, crude, ignorant or just plain incomprehensible. If yours was one of these it was certainly blown away. Try again if you like, but the result will be the same, a waste of your time and mine. If that’s what turns you on perhaps you should try another little chat with your doctor?
Finally, there may have been one or two genuine, comprehensible and pertinent comments which got deleted by mistake. I hope not, but I have been known to make mistakes when I’m flustered. I don’t know if I’m flustered or not today; flitting in and out of a fluster . . .
What I intended to do was tell you about the voyage over here; tell you about the rose bay willow herb; tell you about the books I read; the two-day storm; the heat-wave; the novel I’m going to write called Out Stealing Timber . . . I know, I know . . .
And I was going to tell you about the opening concert of the Oslo Jazz Festival (Sketches of Spain); the new Oslo Opera House (with pictures); the people we met and the events which overtook us . . . but, it’ll all have to wait.
We should be back in the UK in a week or two and when I’ve sorted through the emails and other junk which is waiting for us, I’ll maybe do a little blogging.

3 Responses to “Comments”

  1. Sorry to hear that your annual sojourn was interrupted by crass comments on here. But such is the way of internet life, alas. Looking forward to your return and posts, Mr B. I hope you have had a good time around seeing your crass comments!

  2. Dick says:

    Enjoy. Hoping for more than just ‘a little blogging’ on your return!

  3. Nicole says:

    May fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits of those that decided they wanted to show the level of their intelligence through crass comments. Please dont let them put you off – Ive had such little time to tune in to JB’s world and I finally do so, only to find you might hold back because of a few tossers – this is what happens when we deter people from spray painting on buildings and fences (or “tagging”as it is known in NZ), on walls, they revert to blogs. You have to admire those people, they are still at the stage where drawing on walls was their way of expressing themselves and havent moved forward. I would love to hear about Oslo so as soon as you have thawed your pens, we are aready to live vicariously through your experience. Dont forget to mention the food.

    jb says: Hi Nicole. I don’t hardly ever hold back.