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Church of the Arts

Robert Fulford in the National Post discusses why art is his religion. The cons and the pros.

. . . we also can’t claim that immersion in the arts will create a lively mind. Art education has produced armies of learned bores. I knew a man who had Shakespeare, Verdi, Beethoven and the rest of the gang played at him by the greatest performers of his time, night after night for a lifetime. Did no good. He remained gloomy, narrow and hopelessly addicted to conventional wisdom. He was like the oaf in Love’s Labour’s Lost who has “never fed of the dainties that are bred in a book, so his intellect is not replenished . . . .”

One Response to “Church of the Arts”

  1. Peter says:

    That’s a nice thought on Robert Fulford’s part, though Ogden Nash said the same thing rather better (and more concisely, of course). I’ll try to find the verse in question and post it here.

    jb says: Please do, Peter. Looking forward to it.