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Chekhov and Tolstoy

Chekhov and Tolstoy

There are many photographs of Chekhov, but I’ve never come across this one before.

6 Responses to “Chekhov and Tolstoy”

  1. Jim Murdoch says:

    So when did he meet Walt Whitman?

    jb says: Haha. Tolstoy the groupie.

  2. Dolores says:

    Is Chekhov wearing a monocle in the photograph? I was recently given an etching of Tolstoy and Chekhov “convalescing near Yalta” They are sitting under some trees at a small table and Tolstoy is drinking tea. In this etching Chekhov is wearing glasses. Unfortunately, there is a defect of a line that goes from Checkhov’s left eye to his shirt. I did a double-take when I saw the photo of Chekhov with the line down his face, but I looked more closely and of course it’s not a defect.

    Thanks for showing the photo.

    jb says: Hi Dolores. Yes, it’s a monocle. Used to be more popular than they are at present. Fritz Lange used to wear one, and so did Karl Marx, Radclyffe Hall, and of course, Colonel Mustard.

  3. johnfallon says:

    another fact is that both chekhov and keats were doctors, both of them had consumption(keat’s red spot on his pillow one morning AC’s call for a assistance one evening at the hermitage restaurant) chekhov was with suvorin at the time, keats companion was called severn.

  4. john eckert says:

    maybe you can help me. there is a short story by chekov about kids going down a hill on a snowsled and one of the kids keeps hearing “i love you” but doesn’t know if it’s the kid whispering or the wind. do you know this story. i read it decades ago but haven’t been able to find it since. thanks

    jb says: Could be this one:

  5. Lily Martinez says:

    This is really neat. I had also never seent his one until now. Thanks!

  6. Zoltan says:

    I find this deeply moving. Any idea which year the photograph was taken?