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Change of Policy at Grumpy Old Bookman

“I have decided not to post material here on a regular, five-day-a-week basis. I am not going to retire from blogging completely, and will appear here from time to time. But posts will be irregular and less frequent than they used to be. . . ” Grumpy Old Bookman

7 Responses to “Change of Policy at Grumpy Old Bookman”

  1. Nils says:

    Amazing if you think of it like that. I took the liberty of posting a note about it on the 9rules Notes. All authorship has been duly reserved though 😉

    jb says: Hi Nils. OK, I’ll check out your note.

  2. Why?

    jb says: Maybe the guy’s got a life . . .

  3. bloglily says:

    Hi John — Thanks for this link. The issue of a blog’s longevity is such an interesting one. My first reaction was to think about the way a diary can be kept for a lifetime, and my second was that a blog, unlike a diary, seems to pull you into the ‘net and keep you there, sometimes at the expense of other work you’d also really like to do. Well worth thinking about, that’s for sure. xo, BL

    jb says: Hi Lily. Sometimes I like chocolate, and sometimes I don’t. I’m into blogging at the moment, but, hell, I used to be into tennis. No I didn’t, that’s a lie. I just couldn’t think of an example of something I used to be into that I’m not into any more but I could still admit it. I used to be into butter?

  4. bloglily says:

    Let’s see. I used to be into running, but then one day I realized I saw more when I walked or hiked. I used to be into roast chicken, but I made so many of them I had to take a more or less permanent roast chicken break. I also used to be into sort of political/feminist poetry, but now I’m more of a Milosz and Heaney fan, with some Billy Collins thrown in when I want to laugh with a smart guy.

    Butter and chocolate? Still permanent inhabitants of my cabinet. Just in smaller quantities.

    jb says: Roast chicken. I can do that. I like Sylvia Plath. Once, maybe twice, I ran around the field. But there was snow (slush?) on the ground and, apart from the pain, nothing to see. I was laughing with a smart guy the other evening, friend of a friend, and I realised I hadn’t done that for far too long. I think that’s my fave. Roast chicken comes in second. Or third if we’re still doing chocolate.

  5. Carl Dalka says:

    As a writer of over forty years – I agree – do please take a few days off = now and then.
    And while you are gone – please, think of the people in the world who have to make their own decisions and do not have a king or a queen. It seems England, Norway, Swedan and the arab states are still taking days off to honor the monarchy.
    So, from the new world – here is a soft thank you for taking a few days off, from a very good blog, and from running our lives.
    Carl from Chicago

    jb says: Hi Carl. We don’t honour the monarchy on this blog, I’m afraid. There’s too many of them. We honour days off and the ability to reflect and great words like schmooze.

  6. Carl Dalka says:

    Then oh – my new found wordsmith.
    You would enjoy this easy read.
    Mr. Shmooze “The art and science of selling through Relationships” by Richard Abraham. ISBN 0-9741996-0-5
    He asks that you always “hire the optimist”.
    And that you always keep in mind: “the habit of winning”.
    And so, is it schmooze or Shmooze??
    Name or verb?
    Schmuck or schmo = daily usage “the constant thorn”.
    Carl from Chicago

    jb says: Looks like a winning formula for success, Carl.

  7. Carl Dalka says:

    One more thing = you must change your Wikipedia entry. It now reads: “John Baker frequently blogs on johnbakersblog[1], which is updated daily and covers topics like writing and reading, film, politics and general cultural comment.”
    PS: There is no such thing as retirement.
    There is only the dream of retirement
    and then the reality of time wasted.

    jb says: Hi Carl. You know, I think you may have misread my entry, above, which actually refers to a post by Grumpy Old Bookman, and not by me. I retired from reality and time wasted when I gave up the paying job and became a full-time writer. Anyways, I’ll go over to Wikipedia and see if I can find my way around . . . last time I got completely lost.