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Catalan Seafood Paella

A video podcast you can almost taste . . .

5 Responses to “Catalan Seafood Paella”

  1. Seafoods are very rich in Iodine too.*.,

  2. Fred Homes says:

    Seafood Paella is one of the traditional Catalan cuisines. I just eat it once but I never ever forgot what it tastes like. The seafood paella is delicious and great value for money. Paella is a fantastic culinary work of art, according to the sun and Mediterranean tastes and its overwhelming colors. You can expect a proud traditional Catalan cuisine cooked with professionalism and love. It is best ever food in Barcelona.

  3. Incorp says:

    My former partner’s family is Spanish, & it was the papa’s job to make the paella. He used to cook it up Xmases & birthdays & it was delicious. My stomach is growling for it whilst writing this comment.

  4. Nick says:

    I find Paella very colorful and a very interesting food.I tasted Paella with my Spanish girlfriend damn I was blown away with the different mix of sea food. I tried cooking it once but my version was eaten but my trash bin. It was awful. Can you give me a recipe?

  5. Danny Moncur says:

    Wow! This is just a podcast but it’s making my mouth water. I love seafood and Spanish food is one of the best so naturally, I will make sure to give this a shot this weekend. Thanks for sharing!