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Carlo Ponti dies

Italian film producer, Carlo Ponti, has died in Geneva at the age of 94.
He produced several classic films including Federico Fellini’s La Strada, David Lean’s Dr Zhivago and Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blowup.

6 Responses to “Carlo Ponti dies”

  1. Susan Abraham says:

    Hello John
    Didn’t know about Ponti till I read your blog.
    Oh, sad!
    It didn’t help that Sophia Loren stays my favourite actress.
    Of course, Ponti lived to a ripe old age.
    But I think the fact, that he embodied the fading remants of an exciting liberating style that made for the post-wars of Italian cinema & what first sparked my interest in world films, added to the melancholy.
    A time when the names of Italian directors spelt like magic and from where I found their films escapable & romantic in a dramatically creative way.
    How does one feel sad without emotional ties?
    Still, now on remembering his flms, it is possible.

    jb says: Hi Susan, I waited a couple of days with this post because the news seemed to be all over the internet. But eventually I felt that a blog like mine should mark his death, even if the news was late. He brought my own interest in European film to fruition and led me to all kinds of delights.

  2. Rashenbo says:

    I didn’t realize he passed away. Thanks for sharing the tip.

    jb says: Hi Rashenbo, good to see you here.

  3. Hi once more John,

    Now you know just how important your blog is to us all.
    Never leave us.

    I was caught up with other matters but if you asked me about Beckam going to LA when his contract with Real Madrid ended in August 2007, to play for America with a salary of over $250 million…
    Shame on me, John. Sometimes, I think I’m still 16. 🙂

    jb says: Is he worth it? And the people who give him this cash, do they believe they’ll reap more; I mean is it an investment or charity? Never mind . . .

  4. Andrew Kenneally says:

    Just came across your blog, so doing a little dipping. I must confess my ignorants of Ponti, but have you seen the superb Rome Open City, by Rossellini?

    jb says: One I missed, Andrew. I must chase it down soon.

  5. Andrew Kenneally says:

    Just in case, “ignorants” being a weakness I find it hard to resist. Rome Open City made just after the war and remarkably fresh and full of vigour, life, etc. The version I saw very lazy about its subtitiling, but the film poweful enough to confortably overcome this.

  6. Andrew Kenneally says:

    Dough perhaps my not holey suckcessfull renderings of “subtitiling” and “confortably” might have raised yore dowts about my claims regarding ignorants.