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Bush and Blair

3 Responses to “Bush and Blair”

  1. bloglily says:

    OO. That was very scary. But not as scary as the reality of these two.

    jb says: Bizarre world, eh, Bloglily?

  2. jerry prager says:

    I’m going to have bad dreams now, and it won’t be from eating day old hotcross buns.

    jb says: No need to dream, Jerry. This is a comfort thing, where we get to lead them by the nose, instead of the other way around.

  3. Paul says:

    John – Talking of politics – do you know anything about the new Parliamentary Lobby Group on Publishing? Apparently it was started by Gordon Banks MP, but I’ve heard little to nothing about it.
    I’ve believed for some time, perhaps naively, that the industry itself should have some sort of jointly funded association, with a budget (perhaps skimmed off the top of its celebrity advances pot) for market research, the promotion of reading and lobbying.

    jb says: No, Paul, I’ve heard nothing about it at all. Perhaps someone else can fill us in? Otherwise I’ll do a search and see if there’s anything worthwhile happening around it.