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British Blogs

The British Blogs site aggregates the feed content of a variety of UK based blogs, listing truncated posts shortly after they have appeared on their original sites. Around 100 categories range widely between soccer, film, food, satire, books, politics, music, humour and religion, to name but a few.

If you click on your chosen category in the sidebar, say, art, for example, you will immediately be whisked off to the latest posts from A Welsh View (Egg City – An amazing piece of artwork created entirely from stacked eggs); or from The Daily (Maybe) (Louise Whittle’s excellent guest post on the place of women in the art world. There are currently thirty-six entries from a wide variety of blogs under the art category.

If art isn’t your scene, try books instead. Here you’ll currently find pieces from Harry’s Place on the life and death of Norman Mailer; from The ThunderDragon on Harry Potter’s politics – Is he really a Left-Winger? Or Baggage Reclaim‘s cogitations on a Doris Lessing interview.

You may, of course, prefer to wander through the categories on current affairs, Wales, Scotland, Lib Dems, the environment, software, television or public relations.

You can spend a lot of time British Blogs.

There is a fully functioning search facility together with a constantly updated list of the most popular searches. And the site also lists top posts and the most popular links.

I don’t know how many sites British Blogs are currently aggregating, but the categories covered are numerous and at busy times of the day the site is updated every couple of minutes.

But go visit yourself, I’ll be very surprised if you don’t find something to capture your attention and imagination.

One Response to “British Blogs”

  1. susangalique says:


    Thought about you today and thought I would pop in for a visit.

    I have enjoyed the british blogs that I have wandered into. I regulary read Keeper of the Snails and Dorcet Sculpture, both interesting and keen, making me feel a little bit more well rounded.

    jb says: Hi Susan. Good taste on display today. I also visit both of the blogs you mention.