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Bhagdad Burning

Girl Blog from Iraq . . . let’s talk war, politics and occupation . . .

I look at my older clothes – the jeans and t-shirts and colorful skirts – and it’s like I’m studying a wardrobe from another country, another lifetime. There was a time, a couple of years ago, when you could more or less wear what you wanted if you weren’t going to a public place. If you were going to a friends or relatives house, you could wear trousers and a shirt, or jeans, something you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. We don’t do that anymore because there’s always that risk of getting stopped in the car and checked by one militia or another. There are no laws that say we have to wear a hijab (yet), but there are the men in head-to-toe black and the turbans, the extremists and fanatics who were liberated by the occupation, and at some point, you tire of the defiance. You no longer want to be seen. I feel like the black or white scarf I fling haphazardly on my head as I walk out the door makes me invisible to a certain degree – it’s easier to blend in with the masses shrouded in black. If you’re a female, you don’t want the attention – you don’t want it from Iraqi police, you don’t want it from the black-clad militia man, you don’t want it from the American soldier. You don’t want to be noticed or seen.

4 Responses to “Bhagdad Burning”

  1. I don’t understand what’s happening in the world any more. I just know that it’s scary and depressing and that it’s accelerating. We’re hurling somewhere and it’s not going to be a soft landing.

    jb says: You’re right, Bill. There’s some guys giving us the runaround, so stay strong.

  2. wardrobe says:

    This is why disarming these militias is vital for freedom. Otherwise it’s the people with the weapons that rule the streets.

    jb says: Hi Wardrobe. It’s always the people with the weapons that rule the streets.

  3. john says:

    The world has gone mad, just watching the news about a doctor who wanted to blow up glasgow airport!

  4. women's scarves says:

    It is sad to see and hear all that is happening nowadays.
    All this madness has to stop.

    People should be left alone to live their lives in peace without all this drama.