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Bad Product Awards

Four Corporations Win Bad Product Awards

This year’s winners are:

* Coca-Cola – for continuing the international marketing of its bottled water, Dasani, despite admitting it comes from the same sources as local tap water.

* Kellogg’s – for the worldwide use of cartoon-type characters and product tie-ins aimed at children, despite high levels of sugar and salt in their food products.

* Mattel – for stonewalling US congressional investigations and avoiding overall responsibility for the global recall of 21 million products.

With the overall prize going to:

* Takeda Pharmaceuticals – for taking advantage of poor US regulation and advertising sleeping pills to children, despite health warnings about pediatric use.

3 Responses to “Bad Product Awards”

  1. Paul says:

    I watched part of a documentary on sub-prime mortgages the other night – a wonderful example of America screwing its own people – houses foreclosed, left empty and vandalised, while their owners can’t find anywhere decent to rent because their credit history is shot.
    China creates a new power station every how many days? – While global warming speeds up – but hey, they’re only doing what we did.
    Kids in Uzbekhastan are taken out of school to pick cotton, so we can have cheap clothes.
    Politicians are groomed by style consultants and spin doctors and PR agencies, never looking beyond the next five year power-trip.
    The media sensationalise everything so much, as a matter of course, in the ratings war, that you don’t know what to believe anymore.

    Market Forces rule OK!

    jb says: Hi Paul. Dunno if it wasn’t ever thus? Certainly our consciousness of these truths is rising.

  2. Spa NYC says:

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  3. Jessica Jensen says:

    In spite of this bad product award, I’ve seen Dasani almost completely take over the bottled water market in Argentina. In spite of the fact that the country produces excellent mineral water, almost every bar and restaurant has started to serve Dasani within a 2 year time frame. Just because of agressive marketing, healthy mineral water produces by local businesses has been replaces by pimped tap water.