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Apple fights consumer rights

Apple’s digital rights management lock on its iPod device and iTunes software is illegal, the Consumer Ombudsman in Norway has ruled. The blow follows the news that consumer groups in Germany and France are joining Norway’s action against Apple. Similar actions in Sweden and Denmark are expected to follow.

2 Responses to “Apple fights consumer rights”

  1. Jonathan-Bell says:

    if a consumer buys something from a shop they should have rights in what they do with that item here is a example in what i mean by rights i would like to make apps for my ipod classic for educational purposes and learn how technology works at the same time but i can’t because apple has took my rights away from me by puting DRM on there ipods and other stuff they sell to customers,i don’t find this fair.i think apple do this for badness 2 mess people around

  2. Kevin White says:

    Customer is not always right but in this case customers have the right to do whatever they want to do with the things that they sold from different store. If Apple are doing this kind of thing, I bet they have their own reason but they should tell that to the public.