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Apple Blossom Time

After breakfast in town this morning I met Rory Motion in Walmgate, trapped in a pink blizzard of spring Apple Blossom.
walmgate apple blossom
Rory Motion is an existential loner, a stand-up comedian and he was reading The Guardian as he trudged through the whirls of petals on the sunny-side of the street. I was on the shadow-side but we met anyway because he was reeling from a recent club to the head from the butt of Cupid’s bow.
I asked him if he was reeling and he thought long and hard before answering: A bit.
That’s what we call understatement over here in England.
He’s given up his houseboat and is now living in a field on the edge of nature. He was wearing shorts this morning and taking his new football boots back to the shop for a refund, thinking about giving up smoking again. Behind his words was the ghost of a former self he’d like to get acquainted with, someone who might also have been reeling a bit, but not with quite so much pain.
From his window he can see the trees sprouting and budding on the edges of the field, and there are lots of birds building nests; rabbits and moles, a fox and the occasional stoat.
massed apple blossom
He wants to know what I’m doing and we smile and nod and then he goes back to the sunny-side and finds where he was in The Guardian, and I stay on my side and we go our separate ways.

9 Responses to “Apple Blossom Time”

  1. Lioness says:


    It looks beautiful. 🙂 There are not many apple trees where I live.

    This is Lioness and I have moved my blog to WordPress too. 🙂

  2. the narrator says:

    Something so elegant in this John. So full of life’s twists and mysteries, yet flowing as gently as the petals to the stones.

  3. Alex says:

    Ah, I know that part of town. Our own tree shed all its blossoms recently too.

    York, for me, will always be associated with stoats from another era.

  4. john baker says:

    Hi Narrator, I know what you mean about this piece but it only comes about through writing. It’s not consciously designed to do what it does. What happens is that we reach out for something that is out of reach, even out of mind, and it is only when we have failed and look down at our hands that we see they are dripping with starlight.

  5. Pearl says:

    The trees look lovely. Understatement injection is just what we need. Too much cross-pollination from over-the-top US style.

  6. cannedguds says:

    I think he just wants to be one with Mother Nature. Good for him. I wish there was some place here in our area where we can have good clean air coz I know he is in one right now….thanks for this inspirational blog. Sometimes, we like other people to think we are happy but inside we’re not but that’s the whole positive point to it. It’s useless to let people see we’re moping. We need to focus on the positive and maybe one day, they will be contaminated with the whole idea of motivation and inspiration…Thanks again.

  7. Mike says:

    Thanks for the pictures. My daughter was looking for pictures of apple blossoms for her school project, and this page came up which led to some lively discussions.

  8. Harold says:

    My whole life, i’ve seen an apple tree only once. That’s a shame right?

    But just like others here, my son is also looking for apple blossoms pictures, real ones of course, and this post is just an angel. It’s a school project for elementary but proper attribution for the source of the picture will be placed at the back of the paper.

    Well, thanks for this. You saved me from a helluva lot of trouble from my son’s project. lol

  9. Patrick says:

    Harold, I live in Florida and have never seen a apple tree. All we have is oranges everywhere. This picture is simply amazing.