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An Interview at the Yorkshire Post

Sarah Walters recorded a podcast interview with me recently. It is mainly concerned with the writing of Winged with Death, but she has questions about the writing process generally, as well as delving a little into my early career, blogging, and to what extent creative writing can be taught to would-be novelists.
I also read aloud from the novel.
You can listen to the podcast/interview/reading on the Yorkshire Post site.

2 Responses to “An Interview at the Yorkshire Post”

  1. Stephanie May says:

    I am entranced by your descriptions of the dance in ‘Winged With Death’. Still half-way through the novel – it flows back and forth, in and out – just like the dance. Years ago I read the memoir of the Chilean singer, Victor Jara written by his wife after he disappeared. I am in Leeds and fell in love with the dance 5 years ago. Wonder where you dance now….

  2. john baker says:

    Hi Stephanie, I don’t know the Victor Jara book, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. Glad to know you are enjoying Winged with Death, though. I dance everywhere, though in fact I don’t dance regularly anywhere at the moment.