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Reflections of a working writer and reader




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I’m a novelist and blogger based in the UK. Here you can find details of my published novels. My website and many more pages are available on these menus. My blog, in one form or another has been running since August 2002. The main focus of the blog is fiction and writing but it often expands into general cultural or political questions.

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My latest published novel is entitled Winged with Death. It is partly set in Montevideo in the seventies in the midst of civil war. Another arm of the novel is set in the present day in the North of England. Winged with Death is about time and tango and revolution, abduction and denial. It is published in the UK by Flambard Press. You can read an extract from Winged with Death by following this link. You can read extracts from my earlier novels at John Baker’s Fiction Pages, together with photographs, interviews, reviews, quotations and biographical info.

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