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A Writer’s Notebook VI

My neighbour told me about her brother, David, who moved to Cardiff when he left University about ten years ago. He has been working there since then, something in the IT industry. He is unmarried and lives alone.

Although David is not particularly outgoing, he has friends, belongs to a walking club and teaches a couple of nights a week on one of the local WEA courses.

He’s a little camp but has never come out with his family and they think, maybe he’s gay, maybe he isn’t. It doesn’t seem to matter.

But he told Fiona (that’s my neighbour) on a recent visit, about an older lady in his street who asked him, obviously concerned, in the course of a conversation, “What do you do for love?”

4 Responses to “A Writer’s Notebook VI”

  1. May says:

    Legitimate question!
    I used to have the same curiosity about my unattached friends. Now that I’m older, I can make some guesses about the private life of people (not just those that are single).

  2. I think that’s a question that might be tough to answer for a lot of people, whatever their sexual orientation.

  3. Jim Murdoch says:

    As we were in the process of moving into our present flat we met on the landing, as you do, the young lady who was to become our next door neighbour, a nervous-looking thing in her mid twenties, a little plain and not one for smiling much. At the time it looked like she was living with another girl and her daughter but they left after a couple of weeks.

    My wife and I suspected she might have been a lesbian and no evidence has been forthcoming over the years to persuade us that our initial suspicion was wrong but then neither have we been proven right as if it matter either way.

    Suffice to say, had she been asked the question, I’m fairly sure her deadpan answer would have been: “I have a dog.”

  4. Eladia Bonaparte says:

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