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A Poem by WH Auden

Who’s Who

A shilling life will give you all the facts:
How Father beat him, how he ran away,
What were the struggles of his youth, what acts
Made him the greatest figure of his day;
Of how he fought, fished, hunted, worked all night,
Though giddy, climbed new mountains; named a sea;
Some of the last researchers even write
Love made him weep his pints like you and me.

With all his honours on, he sighed for one
Who, say astonished critics, lived at home;
Did little jobs about the house with skill
And nothing else; could whistle; would sit still
Or potter round the garden; answered some
Of his long marvellous letters but kept none.

WH Auden

2 Responses to “A Poem by WH Auden”

  1. JC says:

    It’s about one of the well known details of life.

  2. Discovery Direct says:

    Hey There Johnbakersblog,
    Very interesting, “And this man has now become a god?” (Cassius, Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, I, ii)
    BTW great blogpost