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A New Home In London?

Treehugger has some great photographs of a house made from recycled newspapers:

newspaper houseLondoner’s have three free newspapers foisted on them every day in the streets. This adds up to a lot of waste and a lot of people are getting pretty upset by it. As a response to this litter, and as a political statement about “making something high-quality out of something that has no value”, Sumer Erek has created a five metre high Newspaper House out of all the discarded free papers around. The house has been “built” in a London square. Along with numerous volunteers, he has been constructing it out of donated papers for the past five days. Using almost 150,000 discarded free papers carefully packed inside a wooden frame for the construction, people were encouraged to write their own thoughts and wishes on the paper before it was rolled into “logs”.

One Response to “A New Home In London?”

  1. arden says:

    the beautiful thing here is that people actually do care about the environment. its nice to see concern turned to art.