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Out-takes XXVII

‘There’s no such thing as time,’ Geordie said. ‘Time’s a function of consciousness. If there was no consciousness there’d be no time.’ ‘How about timing?’ Sam said. ‘That’s different.’ ‘How?’ ‘Because timing exists,’ Geordie said. ‘We could make music and dance before we knew we were doing it.’ They were in Sam’s office overlooking St. […]

Out-takes XXVI

John David Pears (JD) was a writer because literature allowed him to transform the black internal chaos of his days into something crafted and worthy. Although he thought of himself as a novelist he spent an inordinate amount of time playing drums with his group, Fried (not Freud) and the Behaviourists and for the past […]

Out-takes XXV

‘Yeah, I’ve been reading those books again. I read all kinds of books. That’s one of the things I do. Everybody in the world does a few things, you know that. Or you might get some people who do lots of different things and they’re crap at all of them. Most of us, we’re good […]

Out-takes XXIV

What it was about those uncanny scenes, and not just in movies but also in novels and stories, was a parallel with real life happenings. That instinctual compulsion to return to a prior state of being. Marie knew that whatever pleasure she attained in her life, no matter how much happiness she found, there would […]

Out-takes XXIII

‘This is one of the big divides between your generation and mine,’ Celia said. ‘Feminism’s been a wonderful thing and I’m glad I lived long enough to be part of it. But evil isn’t really anything to do with gender. People of either sex are capable of anything. This man who is set on destroying […]

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