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Posts added in March 2011

npower, julie and me

Hello, is that Mr Baker? Yes it is. Hello, Mr Baker, this is Julie from npower. How are you this morning? I’m fine, thank you for asking. What we’re doing this morning, Mr Baker, we’re ringing to see if we can make some savings on your bills. Oh, I don’t want that. No thank you. […]

A Chance to Speak

This is a message to every UK police man and woman before the Anti Cuts Demonstration in London tomorrow, March 26th “Before the possibility that on the March 26th London demonstration MET police are ordered to kettle us; use their shields as a weapon, or even draw their baton please remember that we are your […]

The Plot Against America

Philip Roth’s 2004 novel, The Plot Against America, sounds like this: Aunt Evelyn was triumphant but my father was stymied, said almost nothing, and at the dinner table that evening looked especially glum when Sandy got around to reporting on what a paragon Mr. Mawhinney was. First off Mr. Mawhinney had graduated from the College […]

Marilyn Munroe and the Actors Studio

Marilyn was introduced to Lee Strasberg early in 1955. Strasberg had been the artistic director of the Actors Studio since 1948 and was principally known for the Method, an approach to the art of acting based on the teachings of Konstantin Stanislavsky. Marilyn Munroe was deeply concerned with her identity throughout her life. Babtised as […]

The Blossom Embraces the Bee

The scene of the boy soprano in Bob Fosse’s 1972 film, Cabaret, says much about the art of confounding expectations. It is the only song in the movie which is not performed in the Kit Cat Club, but this takes nothing away from the darkness and foreboding which permeate the narrative from start to finish. […]