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Posts added in January 2011

John Clare and a Nightingale

John Clare heard a Nightingale singing in an apple tree outside his window in May 1832. He transcribed it like this: Chew chew chee chew chee chew – cheer cheer cheer chew chew chew chee up cheer up cheer up tweet tweet tweet jug jug jug wew wew wew – chur chur woo it woo […]

Louise Bryant

He was never delirious the way most typhus patients are. He always knew me and his mind was full of stories and poems and beautiful thoughts. He would tell me that the water he drank was full of little songs… I haven’t the courage to think what it is going to be like without him. I have never really loved any one else in the whole world but Jack, and we were terribly close to each other… No one has ever been so alone as I am. I have lost everything now.