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Posts added in December 2010

Open Secrets by Alice Munro

He was not shy in love. I found him resourceful and determined. The seduction was mutual, and it was a first affair for both of us. I had once heard somebody say, at a party, that one of the nice things about marriage was that you could have real affairs – an affair before marriage could always turn out to be nothing but courtship. I was disgusted by this speech, and frightened to think that life could be so bleak and trivial. But once my own affair with Nelson started, I was amazed all the time. There was no bleakness or triviality about it, only ruthlessness and clarity of desire, and sparkling deception.

Conversation with WS Merwin

Merwin reads a couple of poems and talks about influences, realism, ways of looking at the world, delight, wisdom and the problems of expression and articulation. A Conversation with Poet Laureate W. S. Merwin from The Kenyon Review on Vimeo.

Monty Sunshine 1928-2010

Monty Sunshine, clarinetist with Chris Barber’s Jazz Band, has died aged 82.

Isabel Allende

Allende discusses women, creativity, the definition of feminism, passion and Sophia Loren (she walks elegantly, like a giraffe on the African savannah) in this TED talk, which was recorded three years ago. Of Basque, Spanish, and Portuguese descent, Isabel Allende was born in Peru of Chilean parents. She now lives in the USA. According to […]