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Posts added in November 2010


Designer Sallie Trout built her shelves in an inaccessible stairwell which she reaches by a bosun’s chair. The chair is fastened to a chain hoist hanging from the ceiling. Thanks to Bookride, the rare book guide.


Anna (Go to Him) was recorded in 1963 and released on the album Please Please Me: . . . . . . . Yeah we all shine on . . . . . . . .

A Leg, A Moon and An Exile Fraught with Language

I’m passing a tall house with a sea-green door. The breeze flutters a sandwich bag along the pavement and I trap it against the step. I blow inside the bag and shake invisible mites of detritus from its inside. It is an ideal bag. I slip in the remaining half of my grilled ham and […]

Ken Robinson on Changing Paradigms

An RSA video of Ken Robinson talking about changing paradigms in Education . . . and about making those changes last. The video is 55 minutes long, and worth every minute of your time:

I’m Sold on Manuka Honey

OK, it was an impulse buy. When the new supermarket opened the other day I slipped inside to escape the rain and, as they say, browsed the shelves. I was totally untempted. The devil must’ve been on holiday. It was half-term so I suppose he could’ve been on little-devil duty, but, anyway, causing mayhem at […]