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Posts added in May 2010

Letter To Sister Benedicta by Rose Tremain

A short passage to get a feel for the narrative: When I heard his thin voice answer the telephone, I dreaded saying my name, imagining that he would be utterly dismayed at the sound of it, but at once he began to apologize, saying: “I should have written, just a note even, I should have […]

My Life As A Fake by Peter Carey

A strong original voice: The very next night, Chubb had a ‘vision.’ He was not drunk; he’d taken a single glass of McWilliams Burgundy. He was not overtired; the event occurred a little after nine o’clock on a spring evening. He had washed his plate and his knife and his fork, then carried his chrome […]

Super-Cannes by JG Ballard

Didn’t he write well: Shore parties of passengers strolled under the palm trees, too unsteady after their days at sea to risk crossing the Croisette. They stared at the hundreds of Volvo salesmen emerging from a conference at the Noga Hilton, like travellers glimpsing an unknown tribe about to perform its rites of passage with […]

Too Many Magpies by Elizabeth Baines

Elizabeth Baines Virtual Blog Tour commenced last week with an interview on Sue Guiney’s Blog. Next week she will be with Nuala Ni Chonchuir. But today she is with me. Elizabeth Baines writes haunting, precise yet fluid prose like a poet: On the baby’s first birthday the Smarties on the cake went frilly round the […]

Chosen by Lesley Glaister

For this novel, Lesley Glaister has chosen the subject of religious cults. And as many other novels and films have already dealt with the subject, one hoped that Glaister would bring something new to the table, or at least approach it from a different angle. These cults are yet another way that the young, the […]