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Posts added in March 2010

Le Grand Meaulnes by Alain-Fournier

Le Grand Meaulnes, being one of those volumes that most good writers turn to at some point in their career, is arguably one of the most influential novels of the 20th century. Here’s a sample: They pulled up beside a wood of firs. The passengers had to wait a moment on the gangway, pressed against […]

It’s Just the Beating of My Heart

Richard Aronowitz’s second novel, It’s Just the Beating of My Heart, is a first-person narrative in the voice of John Stack, a borderline alcoholic living alone in the Gloucestershire countryside after being abandoned by his wife. He is an Art dealer, but not doing as well as he used to; in denial about his drinking […]

Maverick Sabre – They Found Him A Gun

Maverick Sabre – They Found Him A Gun  by  roundhouseLDN Twenty-year-old Maverick Sabre is an Irish Londoner equipped with a unique hip-hop style and a blessed way with words. For more info, music and pictures take a look at the Beatnik interview.

Mrs Eckdorf in O’Neil’s Hotel by William Trevor

Reads like this: He had bought a small plot of ground a few miles from where they lived and he had just erected on it two glass-houses in which he proposed to cultivate tomatoes for profit. He had come back one evening and asked her if she’d ever noticed tomatoes in the shops. ‘A full […]

A Bumper Sticker

Stolen from Fred Reed‘s Site.