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Reflections of a working writer and reader



Posts added in January 2010

Ding. Dong. Dang.

We were called to Boleslaw’s Saw Mill just after lunch on Monday. I was the patrol-woman assigned to the area, accompanied by rookie cop, Billy Kristian. We were first on the scene. The lawyer woman’s leg was trapped under a huge rectangular stone. I spoke to her briefly but she was slipping in and out […]

All Characters are Entirely Fictitious

It usually goes something like this: All characters in this publication are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. And it’s nearly always a lie. Robert Liddell suggests that the passage deceives nobody and would be no protection in a libel action, and, he continues, one must suppose […]

Character or Plot?

Most writers who appear on a platform, giving a reading or a talk, will come across the naïve question: What comes first for you, character or plot? The question is unsophisticated, because in reality it is not possible to separate the two. Character is plot. Character, in any sense in which we can get it, […]

By Night in Chile – review

Roberto Bolaño’s novella By Night In Chile is a slim volume, 130 pages in the English translation by Chris Andrews, and is a narrative comprised of only two paragraphs. It reads like this: In the fifth class I talked about Wages, Price and Profits and discussed the (Communist) Manifesto again. After an hour General Mendoza […]

Ten Awful Truths . . .

The ten awful truths about book publishing. Enough to make you think again about writing that book.