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Posts added in November 2009

Vonnegut to Willeford

However, please count me among your great admirers. You are an absolute first-rate ethnographer in describing survival schemes within chaos which only politicians would be cynical enough to call a society. You have written an important book, and must know it

2666 by Roberto Bolaño

The English translation, by Natasha Wimmer, reads like this: The city center was old, with three- or four-story buildings and arcaded plazas in a state of neglect and young office workers in shirt-sleeves and Indian women with bundles on their backs hurrying down cobblestoned streets, and they saw streetwalkers and young thugs loitering on the […]

A Poem by Stephen Dunn

If a Clown by Stephen Dunn If a clown came out of the woods, a standard-looking clown with oversized polka-dot clothes, floppy shoes, a red, bulbous nose, and you saw him on the edge of your property, there’d be nothing funny about that, would there? A bear might be preferable, especially if black and berry-driven. […]

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

We were at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle to see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Julius Caesar, directed by Lucy Bailey. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a production of the play, and I certainly came to Newcastle with some expectations for the language and power that Shakespeare added to the brew. As […]