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Posts added in October 2009

Reflections in a Golden Eye

Carson McCullers second novel opens like this: An army post in peacetime is a dull place. Things happen, but then they happen over and over again. The general plan of a fort in itself adds to the monotony – the huge concrete barracks, the neat rows of officers’ homes built one precisely like the other, […]

A Poem by Julius Chingono

My pot is an old paint container
I do not know
who bought it
I do not know
whose house it decorated
I picked up the empty tin
in Cemetery Lane.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

In the second act the linearity of the piece falls apart and out of the ruins of that something very special begins to happen. The audience is engaged in a way that seemed impossible during the first hour and, in spite of Brechts stated aim that a play should not cause the spectator to identify emotionally with the characters or action, but should instead provoke self-reflection and a critical view, I was definitely moved here, and touched deeply by the experiences of these characters. Not least when the child, Michael, previously only seen as a bunch of swaddling, miraculously morphs into a toddling and wholly engaging puppet.

Bolaño’s Movie Theatres

The only movie theatres that were worth anything, said Charly Cruz, were the old ones, remember them? those huge theatres where your heart leaped when they turned out the lights. Those places were great, they were the real movie theatres, more like churches than anything else. high ceilings, red curtains, pillars, aisles with worn carpetting, […]

Scotland’s Literary Culture

“For me it’s always been an indication of that Anglocentric nature of what’s at the heart of the Scottish literary establishment, that they will not see the tremendous art of a writer like Tom Leonard for example, and how they will praise the mediocre – how so much praise and position is given to writers of genre fiction in Scotland,” he told guests at the festival, according to a report in The Herald. Leonard is a Glaswegian poet who often writes in a Glaswegian dialect.