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Posts added in June 2009

Help the Aged (or one of those)

I believe the pomeranian pup was actually already close to insanity before the squeeze-box pushed it over th edge. It’s the way they breed them.

Our Great Great Grandfather was not a Vegetarian

Anthony Bourdain in the Mercado del Puerto in Montevideo

Borderliners by Peter Høeg

Oscar Humlum and I had been travelling companions for a long time before we met, though without knowing it.
There was nothing strange about this. It was perfectly normal. Because, for an orphan in Denmark, everything was very strictly regulated. Across the country ran certain tunnels that were invisible; they ran alongside each other, absolutely parallel. So, when Humlum and I met, we did not talk much about the past. This silence – it was so as not to pry, but also because we knew that, in a way, we had been travelling together, even though we had not seen one another.


Magritte’s Pipe – A cartoon

Runaway by Alice Munro

She just smiled, the same old Tessa. And I asked how she was – you always do that when you see her, seriously, because of her long siege of whatever it was that took her out of school when she was around fourteen. But also you ask that because there isn’t much else to think of to say, she is not in the world that the rest of us are in.