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Posts added in March 2009

Winged with Death Virtual Tour – 2

Today I’m in Canterbury at This Writing Life, the blog of Ian Hocking, author of the novel Déjà Vu.
Why not come over and see what’s happening?

Odds of Dying in a Terrorist Attack

You are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.

Winged with Death Virtual Tour – 1

Today I’m down in Cornwall (My Grandmother was a Cornish woman) at The Inner Minx Blog, site of Kate Bousfield, author of Coven of One.
Why not come over and see what’s happening?

Luncheon – 1959

Tanya (Karen Blixen) ate only oysters and drank only champagne. At the luncheon we had many oysters and for the big eaters several large soufflés. Arthur (Miller) asked what doctor put her on that diet of nothing but oysters and champagne. She looked at him and said rather sharply, ‘Doctor? The doctors are horrified by my diet but I love champagne and I love oysters and they agree with me.’ Then she added, ‘It is sad, though, when oysters are not in season, for then I have to turn back to asparagus in those dreary months.’

An Interview at the Yorkshire Post

Sarah Walters recorded a podcast interview with me recently. It is mainly concerned with the writing of Winged with Death, but she has questions about the writing process generally, as well as delving a little into my early career, blogging, and to what extent creative writing can be taught to would-be novelists.
I also read aloud from the novel.