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Posts added in February 2009

Dancing for the Hangman by Martin Edwards

Saturday midnight in our airless bedroom on East 14th. Cora’s voice, soft and persuasive in my ear.
‘This won’t hurt.’
‘It hurt last time,’ I said.
She ran a sharp fingernail along my spine. ‘I tied the knots too tight, that’s all. It’s an easy mistake to make.’
‘My circulation was cut off. There could have been serious consequences, Cora. Remember, I’m a medical man, I’m familiar with these things.’
‘And I’m familiar with what you secretly long for,’ she cooed in my ear. ‘Never mind those silly old serious consequences. Don’t be so solemn. You like what I like. Truly you do.’

The RSC’s Othello

There has been much talk and speculation about the Lenny Henry Othello at the Leeds Playhouse, so much so that the current touring production from the Royal Shakespeare Company has tended to get a little lost.

The Road to Heaven

And he found strands of blonde hair “glowing like brass” and “heavy black plaits” from a sack of women’s hair that had not been taken away. In that instant, he realized that the rumours he’d heard about the death camps were true, shattering “the last, lunatic hope that everything was only a dream . . .”

The Survival of Civilization

‘The Hollywood Librarian’ is an engaging, often humorous look at the disparity between the simplistic depictions of bun-wearing, finger-shushing, spinster librarians served up in Hollywood feature films and the far more complex reality of today’s savvy information navigators—of both genders, with or without tattoos and/or piercings.”

The Rejection Slips

The following letter was found among Carson McCullers’ correspondence. It is dated November 10, 1939 and signed by Geraldine Mavor on behalf of the literary agent, Maxim Lieber:

Dear Mrs McCullers
I am sorry to say that your manuscripts SUCKER and COURT IN THE WEST EIGHTIES have been rejected by the following magazines respectively