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Posts added in January 2009

Out Stealing Timber IX

One cannot know what form the novel will take until it is written, until it has revealed itself and allowed itself to be formed, shaped into its final edit.
Often the writing does not form a continuous narrative. One maybe has an ending of sorts, perhaps a beginning, or a vague idea of theme and one or two telescoped scenes revealing character or dramatic action. It never progresses from A to Z in a seamless fashion.

Secondhand Books

Who wants a new novel by AS Byatt? Hasn’t Martin Amis written his masterpiece three times already? Can someone not persuade Philip Roth to call it a day?

This Year’s Speech

The most common words in the Obama and Bush Inaugural speeches were dramatically different.

Getting Him Ready To Go

The Guantanamo Bay Room,
where they don’t let you out.

The National Debt Room,
which is huge and has no ceiling.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A review of the totally gripping debut novel from Stieg Larsson . . . an examination into the abuse of power by individuals and institutions.