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Posts added in July 2008

Presque vu LXVI

From Zen of Writing: Bush is my shepherd; I dwell in want. . . * Ash and Carry. Way to Go. Dan Neil in the LA Times Mag looks at the business of death: There are other ways to decrease the deceased. A Tulsa, Okla., firm called Compacted Dignity offers a “tasteful and attractive alternative” […]

Literary Cafés

Donigan Merritt writes about some of the cafés he has used to write, and one in particular which gave him the right kind of space and coffee to exercise his craft: From February, 2003 until August, 2006, we lived in Berlin. I found my favorite café there, but not without a number of months trying […]

Breakfast in the Market

When Tom comes to visit we try to have breakfast in town at least one morning during his stay, and today the sun was shining so we settled on the chuck wagon in the market place. They have a dozen tables out there and most of them were vacant when we arrived. There was an […]

The Amnesiac

Sam Taylor’s novel is reviewed at The Buddha Smiled, and reading the review reminded me that I have to get a copy of the book: Ankle healed, relationship with Dutch girlfriend Ingrid terminated, James returns to H. (why can’t we call it Hull and be done with?) to try to find out more about his […]

Some Restaurants and Cafés to Avoid

The Independent today launched a campaign to stop Britain’s restaurants creaming off millions of pounds of customers’ tips to boost their profits. Among the practices, The Independent found: *Carluccio’s, Café Rouge, Chez Gerard, Strada and Café Uno all pay their staff less than the minimum wage and use customers’ tips to make up the balance […]