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Posts added in June 2008


‘Say again.’ Robin – everyone else called her Rob because her second name was Berry and they liked how it sounded, especially when she took up with a guy called Nick King – looked me in the eye and with no sense of irony, said, ‘Be careful, I’m just emerging from my second-longest relationship.’ There’d […]

Presque vu LXIII

Danuta Keen in The Independent interviews Karin Slaughter. The subject is extreme violence: Two years ago I interviewed Ian Rankin for this newspaper. In the middle of a wide-ranging discussion he said something he may have since come to regret. “The people writing the most graphic violence today are women,” he told me, then continued, […]

Stop Me and Buy One

Cormac McCarthy – an interview

Novelist Richard Madelin sent me the link to this interview with Cormac McCarthy, from Rolling Stone, as reproduced on David Kushner‘s site: Cormac McCarthy, the most celebrated recluse in American literature since J.D. Salinger. Before he emerged to speak to Oprah earlier this year, the seventy-four-year-old author had granted only a handful of interviews in […]

Living with the Past

My relationship with T is tenuous these days. My fault entirely because he doesn’t live that far away and we could meet more often. He’s changed over the years and the young man I used to know, and of whom we were all a little in awe because of his strident, no-nonsense prose, has faded […]