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Posts added in April 2008

Footnotes Like Skyscrapers

Hu Ling at Words Without Borders: Some say a good story should be like an iceberg. . . . perhaps a translator is a bit like a Chinese restaurant owner, who finds himself serving mostly a non-Chinese clientele: should I assume my diners have unadventurous palates and always serve them the familiar “chow mein” and […]

A Waste of Time

There’s a coffee bar next to the University library and during the summer I wander up there from time to time. They have benches and tables outside, close to the bridge and you can look over into the road and watch the students come and go. The coffee’s not the best because they use boiling […]

Death of a Murderer by Rupert Thomson

The Taster: Billy was on the point of drifting off to sleep when a single sentence drew him right in close. ‘But that day for some reason, I was all alone . . .’ Billy roused himself. ‘Sorry. Where was this?’ ‘In Manchester. A place called Fallowfield.’ A white car pulled alongside him, Trevor said, […]

Presque vu LIV

The unsolved murder of a private investigator 21 years ago which prompted claims that it was linked to police corruption moved closer to resolution yesterday after it was announced four people, including a former detective sergeant with the Metropolitan Police had been arrested in connection with the killing. Thanks to The Independent for this news […]

Five Years

A Turkish citizen born and raised in Germany, Murat Kurnaz was only 19 when he was arrested without explanation in Pakistan in October 2001. Handed over to the US, he spent the next 1,600 days enduring the brutal life of a prisoner at Guantanamo and various forms of torture, before being released without explanation or […]