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Posts added in March 2008

We Don’t Want To Go To China

Anne Applebaum at The Washington Post takes a critical look at some Olympic fallacies: “The Olympics are a force for good.” Not always! The 1936 Olympics, held in Nazi Germany, were an astonishing propaganda coup for Hitler. It’s true that the star performance of Jesse Owens, the black American track-and-field great, did shoot some holes […]

Presque vu L

The Hostile Media Phenomenon. It’s a psychological term for the way the opinionated react to negative reviews of Apple products and which also explains the enormous divide between the pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian lobbies. * WF Frederick has a list of 10 Social Media Sites specifically for writers. Go look up Shelfari, Scribophile, Issuu and Ficlets. […]

The World’s Smallest Poem?

Jim Murdoch has some ideas about what it might be. Following a trail through Japanese and Scottish Haiku, he arrives at . . . Well, you’ll have to go to his site to find out. In the meantime: If you’d asked me before I started working on this article what the world’s shortest poem was […]

Her Voice Is Full Of Money

William Kowalski at the Globe & Mail makes the case for Fitzgerald’s Gatsby: Gatsby the man is a complete fiction, as he admits to narrator Nick Carraway: Just as the United States was carved from the wilderness, he fashioned himself an identity as a wealthy, Oxford-educated gentleman, sustaining it through sheer determination and bravado – […]

The 39 Steps

This play came to the York Theatre Royal via the West End and Broadway, and a few other places. It won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy and garnered a host of positive critical reviews: “Rollicking fun” The Times “Dizzyingly entertaining” The Telegraph “A joyous version of the Hitchcock classic” Sunday Times So […]